Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favorite Month & Travel

#WEverb11 – Favor:

What was your favorite month of 2011? Why did it beat out all 11 other months?

Hands-down October.  Obvious reason – we found out we were expecting on 10/11.  I would have to say November is a close second, though.  It was fun and exciting telling our friends the news and it was an overall happy time for us.

#WEverb11 – Travel:

Where did you travel this year? What was your favorite part? If you didn’t get to travel, where do you want to go next year?

This year we went to Mexico again for our first anniversary trip – it was a great idea to go back to the same destination that we had our honeymoon at but to stay at a new resort.  It was a very relaxing week and we both desperately needed the time off from work at that point.

May 22 158

We also went to Maine for a week at the end of the summer and we are really hoping to continue this tradition for next year…but we’ll see how that goes with a 2 month old baby :)  I’m really not sure if we would be able to travel anywhere else next year as it’s going to be tight financially and there’s only so much vacation time we both get.  We may try to do a babymoon to Florida in February before I get too big and it’s really uncomfortable to fly, but we’ll have to see.

2011Maine 039 


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