Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nursery Inspiration – Nautical/ Ocean / Navy Blue/ Green Decor Board

I’ve mentioned before that we will be keeping our spare bedroom the same celery green color so that way we won’t have to paint again.  Since we found out Baby C is a boy, we’ll be adding accents of navy blue, white, and maybe a dark brown.  This color scheme easily goes with a nautical/ocean theme, and that’s perfect because I have so much leftover stuff from our wedding in Maine.  Here’s my inspiration board for our green-blue-nautical-ocean nursery:


You can find the links to all the images here at my Pinterest baby board.

I know I want to do a wall decal above the crib, so I found the cute sailboats image on Etsy.  There are a few other decals I’m considering, but that one is probably my favorite right now.  Instead of doing the canvas whale art, we found a really cute decorative tile with a whale image on it in San Diego and got it framed.  I’m just trying to figure out how it will work with all the other art pieces I want to add to the walls :)   Hopefully I’ll finally have some time to DIY this weekend. 



  1. Looks great! It's even more fun as your inspiration turns into reality, lol (which is what is happening with me; I'm enjoying deleting my inspiration pins and replacing them with pins of what I actually did).

    And I have that glider!!! I absolutely love it. If/when you get it, you can use coupons! I saved $80 off mine using a 20% off coupon!

  2. Very nice! There's a sailboat nursery design being featured on my homepage right now that you might be interested in.

    This room was a winner in a previous nursery picture contest. Take a look, you might see something you can use! Best wishes, Jan


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