Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Goodies – Holly Cupcakes

Another Pinterest find that I knew I needed to make this holiday season:

Source: via Emily on Pinterest


Those look easy enough, right?  Just a little piping on top of a cupcake with some candy added.  Well let me tell you how freaking hard it is to find those little green jelly candies!  I went to Target and Hannafords with no luck.  Finally found some green jelly trees at CVS last night, so I cut those in half to make leaves.  I used red M&M’s as the berries since I still had some leftover from my reindeer cookies.  However, the M&M’s started to melt and left red coloring on top of the pretty white frosting.  UGH!  Next time I’ll be using gumballs or some kind of other red candy.

Here’s my version – I did a red velvet cupcake (cake mix + a Chobani vanilla yogurt + 1 1/3 cups water + 2 egg whites) and then a light cream cheese frosting:

Week14BabyC 003

Before the M&M’s started bleeding….

Week14BabyC 005

Whatever, at least they tasted good!


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  1. They look beautiful!!! Love the idea of the candy pieces for the holly:-) I just started enjoying red velvet this year, and simply adore it, sounds perfect to add Chobani to the cupcakes:-) Take care, Terra


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