Friday, November 1, 2013

ROAR! Halloween Recap

While I love looking through everyone’s Facebook and blog photos of their happy, smiley kids on Halloween, I do have to admit I’m a bit jealous.  Just keeping it real here…our Halloween was not so fun.  We’ve learned that Toby does not do well being away from home after dinner at someone else’s house.  He gets too cranky too fast and makes everyone stressed and miserable.  It’s tough because it would be nice going out to see friends more instead of asking people to come over our house, but I guess we need to wait until he’s older.  So many pros and cons to having a kid on a schedule, but he is very used to the routine.


Earlier in the evening, I got Toby in his costume, we waited for Daddy to get to our friend’s house, and then headed out down the street to start Trick or Treating. This was our first year going out since last year Toby was only a few months old.  I was hoping he’d be excited to see all the big kids and run after them, but nope, he demanded to be held by Daddy the whole time.  We made it to the first house, rang the doorbell, and a sweet older lady opened the door.  She was about to give Toby a Kit-Kat bar, but he burrowed his head into Daddy’s shoulder, refusing to look back at her OR take the damn candy. We decided after that experience it wasn’t worth going to any other houses and we headed back.  Let’s hope next year is more fun!