I'm Emily - a stay-at-home momma loving life with my two guys and two kitties.  I'm obsessed with Vera Bradley bags, spring weather, wearing dresses, beachy stuff, cat snuggles, mint chocolate chip ice cream and anything craft related.  

I will never move away from New England despite hating the snow, and one of my dreams is to own a summer house on the Maine coastline when we're older.  I love traveling around the world and hope to continue exploring new places that I haven't visited yet. 

Sometimes I'm a little too reserved and a lot stubborn, but hey, at least I'll admit it.  I'm slowly learning to let go and let live, with the help of my supportive and loving hubby.  I wasn't a beer girl until I met my husband, but I consider my new-found love of brews a positive thing.  Give me a blueberry ale (or pumpkin if it's fall time) and life is good. 

I started writing as a way to keep track of my DIY projects and crafts, the new recipes I try (and hopefully succeed at), the places we travel to and explore, and anything else relating to our little casita.  I like that our family and friends can visit from time to time to read Toby's monthly updates and see what else we've been up to. I hope that someday our kids will look back on this with the same appreciation I have for my grandparents' and parents' old photographs, collectables and memories :)

Feel free to contact me at emily (at) ourlittlecasita (dot) com