Friday, December 9, 2011

3 years

*****This post was originally written on 10/11/11.*****

3 years ago, I remember walking down the beach in Old Orchard Beach after a very filling dinner at Margaritas.  We took a picture that became of my absolute favorites, even though the background is pitch black since we took the walk after sunset.  You couldn’t see the ocean but I still remember the waves crashing gently onto the sand.  My then-boyfriend asked me repeatedly if I loved him.  “Do you really really love me?”   “Yes, I do!”  “Are you sure?”  “YES!”  And then he got down one on knee and asked me to marry him.  I remember how sparkly the ring shone in the moon light and how gorgeous my grandmother’s diamond looked in the new setting.

Flash forward 3 years later to today.  After much urging from my hubby, I went upstairs and took a pregnancy test…and waited a minute…and saw the positive sign appear right away.

Amazing how much can happen in just a few years :) 

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