Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s Friday…let’s have a drink!

A couple weeks ago we went to Longhorn’s for dinner and I decided to switch it up from getting my normal Desert Pear Margarita.  Instead I ordered a Blackberry Firefly Tea, which was a very good decision.  So good, in fact, that I had two :)  Not too many ingredients go into it – the tea includes Handcrafted Firefly® sweet tea vodka, cranberry juice & blackberry flavor.

It was definitely sweet so if you’re not into sweetened tea, you probably will not enjoy it.  I enjoy the raspberry iced tea at Dunkin Donuts, and it reminded me of the Firefly Blackberry Tea.  I loved the flavors of the different juices, though, in Longhorn’s drink.  It’s a recipe I will definitely want to try out at home sometime in the summer and create something like this….

And I just took a sneak peek at the nutritional facts for Longhorn’s menu and I’m glad to report my usual entree choices are not too unhealthy – woo hoo!  Happy Weekend!

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