Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recipe Review – Chicken Parmigiana Lettuce Wraps

A couple weeks ago I made these awesome chicken parmigiana wraps from a recipe I found at Itsy Bitsy Foodies.  While the original idea was to just put the chicken mixture on romaine hearts to make lettuce wraps, I decided to put everything into a low carb tortilla to make more of a substantial dinner.  I was filled up after eating one of these, but hubby had a little extra chicken after finishing his wrap.


Very easy to make and we both loved how the chicken tasted.  It was lightly breaded, which I enjoyed, because chicken parm tends to upset my stomach if it’s loaded in cheese and  and a greasy coating.   The only thing I added to the ingredients list besides the tortilla wrap was a pizza sauce seasoning.  If you haven’t heard of Wildtree, I highly recommend you check them out- their spices, rubs, etc are great and very flavorful.

We will definitely be making these wraps again – 9 out of 10!


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