Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Maine Wedding: The Bachelorette Party

April of last year, me and my closest girl friends headed down to Mohegan Sun to celebrate my last fling before the ring :)  We had a great time – it was nice to just spend some time with the girls and go out for the night.  We started out by pre-gamming a little in the hotel room.  And of course they had plenty of flair I needed to wear to show everyone I was a bachelorette…veil, sash, pins, etc :)


And they gave me a fabulous cup to drink out of…


And a cute balloon that I didn’t throw away until about 6 months after the wedding…


That same day was also Hubby’s Bachelor Party.  He left early that AM before I even left to drive down to CT, and he ended up going to his old roommate’s house as they were going to have a house party all day.  We received texts from some of the boys later around 6pm that one of them ended up puking all over the porch and had to be driven home.   Apparently hubby ended up getting sick, too.  And so they were finishing partying while we were just getting ready to go out.  Boys, boys, boys…

Anyways, we took a few pictures before heading out to the casino:


Bridesmaid J, me and MOH Sista!


Me and 3/4 of my bridal party


This was Norm our shuttle bus driver – he was a riot.  “That’s amoreeeeeeeeeeeee”


Won $50 playing a “Shore Thing” – how fitting :)


Girls at Mohegan

I think my bachelorette party was proof that you don’t need to get ridiculously drunk and crazy to have a good time.  We shopped, gambled a little, had some tasty margaritas at Margaritaville and then called it a night around 12:30ish.  Though I wasn’t hungover the next day, I was still exhausted…it had been awhile since I stayed out past midnight :)  I highly recommend having a bachelorette party, even if it’s only with a girlfriend or two.  It was relaxing and a nice change of pace to have fun for a weekend instead of focusing on last-minute wedding details.


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