Friday, April 15, 2011

It’s Friday…let’s have a drink!

I just saw a recipe for pina colada cupcakes and of course it instantly made think of those wonderful tropical drinks.  Warm weather is coming, I can feel it!

On our honeymoon last year, I had quite a few Miami Vices.  It’s basically a pina colada plus a strawberry daiquiri mixed together and it’s amazingggg.  The bartender at our swim-up pool made a really good one…it didn’t taste too strong but there was plenty of rum in it.

Randoms 145 By the time we got back to the porch, the daiquiri stuff already started to melt…the drinks usually look much prettier than this :)


Recipe from

5 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
1 package frozen pina colada mix
1 package frozen daiquiri mix

1. Mix pina colada with 2.5 oz. of rum w/ ice. Set aside.
2. Mix daiquiri with 2.5 oz. of rum w/ ice.
3. While frozen, add pina colada mix to a cocktail glass. Add the daiquiri mix on top, keeping it seperated from the pina colada mix. Serve.

Happy Friday!  And Happy Patriot’s Day Weekend to all you MA peeps!

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