Friday, April 22, 2011

It’s Friday…let’s have a drink!

Let’s just say thank God this week went by fast.  I mean, it helped I had Monday off, but still…it was a long one.

I’m sharing one of our favorite drink concoctions from Ruby Tuesday’s today.  This is pretty easy - order one of their freshly made lemonades and ask for a shot of vodka to be added.  So yummy!  And last time we were there, the drink was only $5.  Not bad for a mixed drink these days!

image source

And if you’re not feeling the alcohol, trust me, you still need to order the lemonade.  I’m particularly fond of their Strawberry mix, but I’ve also tried the Blackberry and Pomegranate flavors and those are great, as well.  They use actual bits of fruit and real fruit juice so everything tastes very natural.

Happy Friday!


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