Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Maine Wedding: We Rehearse

I’m being dreading doing a post on our rehearsal as I don’t like to remember it…let’s just say the inn keepers at the bed and breakfast (the venue for our wedding) were EXTREMELY laid-back.  I realize it’s the way of life in Maine but still – they were just not as organized as I was hoping.  We first experienced this a few weeks before the wedding when some details were not shared with us until last minute and they were not getting back to our emails in a reasonable amount of time  It was strange, because they were awesome throughout the entire planning process until just shortly before our wedding day. 

Anyways, the rehearsal was meant to relax me, to  make me feel better about how things were going to run the next day and it did not whatsoever as the inn keepers totally forgot about our rehearsal and were no help once they showed up, which made me very close to crying.  Luckily our officiant, who’s a good friend of ours, took control and got everything running smoothly.  We went through the ceremony a couple times, but it still made me really nervous for the following day, though.  Oh well, let’s get to the pictures:


Me trying not to freak out – I would say that’s a fake smile


Hubby with Bridesmaid A and our officiant


Hubby with his parents


Me with my mom and sister MOH


I love this pic…pretty girls


The guys


Our officiant taking charge :)


My parents walking me down the aisle


And we rehearse! Ignore the decorations, those were for a wedding earlier that day


My one major regret was that I did not hire a day-of coordinator.  I think an actual coordinator really would have smoothed things over for our rehearsal and for the day of, and I would just have felt more confident about everything overall.  Everything did turn out fine and we had very few hiccups, but I’m just a planner at heart and like to know exactly what to expect.  But let’s face it – that just can’t happen with weddings! 

Next up in re-caps…the rehearsal dinner!


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