Friday, December 7, 2012

What We’ve Been Up To Lately…

Haven’t done a phone photo dump in awhile! 

This past week brought lots of finger sucking…first toothie came in fine.  Second tooth = lots of fussies.

photo (24)photo (27)

Loves playing with Auntie, especially her hair:

photo (25)

Always happy when he wakes up in the morning:

photo (26)

Dry scalp means baby oil in the morning.  Mommy had fun making spikes:

photo (29)

And I may have also experimented with a comb-over…:

photo (30)

Getting better at sitting up!  Using the Boppy for a little assistance whiles doing some reading:

photo (31)

Good thing he’s happy in the AM’s…I’m so not a morning person but seeing him smile at least helps get me in a better mood:

photo (32)

And sometimes we get a little serious:

photo (33)

Happy Friday!


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