Saturday, December 8, 2012


Watching: I watched an episode of Parenthood last week and am thinking I need to get back into this show.  I watched most of a season a couple years ago but stopped for some reason.  Guess it would be more relatable now.  I know so many people who like Lauryn Graham as an actress, but she really bugs me.  Didn’t like her in Gilmore Girls either. 

Listening to: Well I’m refusing to listen to Christmas music…as soon as I hear it on a radio station, I instantly change it.  I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t stand Christmas songs!  Do I have to change my outlook on that now that I have a kid? 

Thinking about: Ugh too much.  Feeling pulled in a million directions this past week and can’t figure out how to unwind.  If there were only 2 more hours in a day, I think I’d be in a much better place.

Anticipating: A less hectic week coming up.  Not as many work commitments so hopefully I can enjoy some me time during one of Toby’s naps instead of logging on to check emails. 

Loving: How sometimes when Toby is sitting in my lap looking at a book or playing with a toy, he will look up at me real quick, almost like he’s saying “Oh, hi Mom!” and then goes back to playing.  He also does this when I answer the phone.  Loves listening to people talking. 

Making me happy: Hot chocolate mmm mmm.  And our Christmas tree.  There’s just something so simple yet so pretty in seeing the soft glow of Christmas lights.

Wishing: There was one extra week in December.  And that gifts would just wrap themselves.  At least we’re about 75% done with the shopping so I’m feeling better about that. 

Working on: Getting Toby to officially drop the early AM feeding.  He slept in til 7:15AM one morning last week so I know he can do it.  He was getting pretty good with sleeping in til 6 or 6:30 but this past week he’s been up at 5am on the dot and refuses to go back to sleep until he eats.  At least he goes back to bed til 8 still.

A little snippit of what’s currently going on here…lots of raspberries!


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