Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve & Christmas Re-Cap

Toby was a trooper this year while traveling!  We started off by going down to CT the afternoon of the 23rd, celebrated Auntie’s birthday a day early, opened presents with CT family on Christmas Eve in the afternoon and early evening, and then on Christmas morning we traveled to MA to celebrate with Hubby’s family.  Even with all the naps in the car and interaction, Toby still did really well.  No meltdowns until we got home on Christmas evening.  So grateful he’s a fairly easy kid!

He received a ton of gifts this year and we’re really thankful for our family and friends giving him everything!  He’s seen everything he can play with at this point now and I’ll probably hide some things away and bring them back out in a couple weeks.  He always forgets about toys and gets all excited for them again. 

Here’s some pictures of our celebrations!

Ho Ho Ho!  Being silly with Daddy:



Looking cute with Auntie:




Christmas Jammies!  Little reindeer on his feet and one on his butt:


Sour puss…apparently not excited to open presents:






Four generations in this pic! :



Finally a smile!


Our big present to Toby…Radio Flyer Wagon.  Can’t wait to use it next summer!



I will be totally honest in saying that I wasn’t a huge fan of Christmas in the past.  It’s stressful buying presents, budgeting enough money, doing endless mall trips, and then adding traveling on top of everything.  I was nervous of how Toby would act this year but he surprised me in doing so well and it made everything well worth it.  I’m a little sad we don’t celebrate Christmas in our own house but hopefully he won’t notice a difference as he gets older.  We’ll just have to fib a little about where Santa travels to instead!


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