Saturday, December 29, 2012

365 Photo Challenge

I was reading one of my favorite baby blogs, Hellobee, the other day and a writer posted about how she did a 365 Day Photo Challenge for 2012.  She took a photograph every single day for a year and is now in the process of compiling them together to make a book to look back on.  While she said it was definitely a challenge, it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be.

I think I’m going to make myself do this for 2013!  I usually take photos of Toby on my “real” camera at least once a week, and then typically take 3 or 4 photos on my iPhone each week.  I don’t think it will be much of a stretch to take more photos.  I’ve been starting to use Instagram this past month, so that should encourage me as I like playing around with the different filters and effects.  But most of all, this challenge should force me to learn how to actually use my real camera.  I’ve gotten better, but mostly because my dad gifted me some pretty good lenses that do most of the work for me.  Guess I should find the manual and actually read through it…

As for organization, my computer is already set up so that when I upload photos, they automatically go into a folder labeled with the date they were taken on.  I will just need to make sure I’m uploading once a week or so to keep on track and then further organize into month folders later on.  I also will have to upload them to Shutterfly every so often as a back-up (which I should be better about doing now).

I’m excited for this!  A fun resolution to actually look forward to.   Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest for inspiration (wouldn’t necessarily follow these each day, they’re more just to use in case I’m stumped and so I don’t have 365 pictures of only Toby):



Anyone else joining me on this challenge? ;)


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