Friday, November 30, 2012

Almost December

Now that November’s just about over, I think it’s time to officially put all the pumpkin themed stuff away and start decorating for Christmas!  Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to make the swap.  And do some more holiday shopping.  We actually got a decent amount done last Sunday, which was a huge change from last year.  I’ve learned pretty quickly that it takes 10 times longer to accomplish tasks when you have a child.  I almost considered making my own holiday cards again this year.  Yeah, don’t think that’s happening.

Speaking of Christmas, I giggled out loud when I saw this on Pinterest:


On another note - there is a little tooth trying to poke its way through Toby’s bottom gums.  Of course this has to happen as soon as he starts sleeping straight through until 6 every morning.  He hasn’t been too fussy yet, we’ve just noticed he’s wanted to stick teethers, hands, fingers, etc in his mouth 24/7.  He was actually gnawing on my shoulder this morning.  Please send happy thoughts our way that we don’t have too many sleepless nights in the near future…


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