Sunday, December 16, 2012

Half a Year

The most common statement I hear from fellow parents?  “It goes by so fast, enjoy it!”  Very, very true.  I have no idea where the last six months went.  I look down at Toby sometimes and think “who is this little boy?”  I was just snuggling a floppy little newborn yesterday.  Or what it feels like was yesterday.  In reality, though, he’s not that tiny infant anymore.  My baby went from laying on his back to rolling to sitting on his own in six months.  He’s grown so much this summer, fall, and now winter. It blows my mind as to how fast they develop, just like how surprised I was after comparing my 7 week ultrasound to the 12 week ultrasound.  

Though, each month keeps getting better and better.  There’s a lot to look forward to.  More milestones to hit, more pictures and videos to take, more “firsts” that we will enjoy together.  However, if there’s anything I’ve learned after the tragic events from Friday is that we need to just live for today and not always be so worried about the future.  I used to be such a planner and now I have a hard time even making plans for the next weekend.  Since becoming a parent, I have noticed myself taking more time to appreciate the little things and to be grateful.  I am thankful every day for so many things.

Does time slow down after the 1st birthday? Please tell me it does!



What a journey these past six months have been!  You are the light of my life and such a joy to be around every single day.  My favorite part of my day?  When I’ve found a new thing that will make you giggle.  Lately it’s been “Quack, Quack!”  You are silly one moment and so determined the next.  Whether you’re being serious or talking up a storm, you take everything in stride and thoroughly enjoy just checking out your surroundings.  I love seeing your personality blossom and it makes me laugh when I see you do things resemble me or Daddy.  Everyone always comments on how “good” you are and it’s true…you are such a good baby.  I am so proud to be your mommy. 

“The day I become yours, you became mine.”

Love, Mommy


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