Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mmm Mmm Pears…?

Last night we gave Toby his first taste of “solid” food (I still think it’s funny calling it that when we’re starting him out on pureed stuff…I think of like little cheese blocks when I hear the word “solids”).  We skipped over the baby cereal for now but I may buy some next week as his second food to try out.  No real reason for starting with purees first instead, just felt like it!  I bought packages of pears and prunes at the store last week, though I do want to try making Toby’s food in the future since it doesn’t seem complicated and will probably save money. 

Anyway, here’s a recap of him trying pears for the first time.  Given the sour face, I don’t think he was really a fan:


I put tiny bits of puree on the spoon and tried to get it in his mouth when it was open, but it was not that easy.  I was wondering if he was really ready for it yet, but I think it will just take practice.  He always stares at me when I eat now, so that’s why I felt he was ready to try something new. 

We probably got about one or two little spoonfuls of pear in his mouth and I doubt hardly any was swallowed, especially after he spit a whole bunch back out.  It was still fun seeing him experience something new even if we wasted a good couple tablespoons!



When we were just about done with getting the pear all over the bib and napkins I had on hand, I decided to give him the spoon to see if he would even attempt to get it near his mouth.  He did but was definitely playing with it more than using it to eat, which was fine until he realized it was fun to bang on the table.




Which of course proceeded in getting pear all over his head…



Good thing tonight was a bath night!  Haha he cracks me up so much these days! 



  1. Nothing wrong with purees at all! Noah still gets some every now and then :D

    It'll take some time to get used to food, just keep trying different things. He's such a cutie!

  2. haha i love his little face in the first picture...reminded me of when we gave my little girl food for the first time, expecially peas!!!


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