Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions

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1. Tell us about your family traditions for Thanksgiving
We don’t have many traditions or things that we make sure to do every single year.  Dinner has been at our house the past two years, so this is our third year hosting.  We usually eat around 2ish.  A tradition that my sister and I have done for the last several years is shopping VERY early on Black Friday, but I think we may be doing some late afternoon/evening Black Friday shopping this year instead.

2. Tell us about your favorite foods
Sweet potato casserole….mmmm mmmm so good!  I will post the recipe I use tomorrow along with the rest of our menu.  I don’t do the marshmallow topping, instead I use lots of brown sugar and pecans.  But I seriously love EVERYTHING about Thanksgiving…cranberry sauce, turkey, mashed taters, green bean casserole and PIES!  You can’t go wrong with anything.  This is the one holiday that I truly pig out on and do not care how many calories I consume, because it’s always worth it!

3. Show us a picture that reminds you of this holiday
I must take personal pictures this year, especially since it’s Toby’s first Thanksgiving!  But here’s a Pinterest pic:


4. Tell us, do you wait to decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?
I’m a firm believer of celebrating one holiday before starting on another, so we wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas.  I try to put stuff out during the long weekend after Turkey Day.

5. Tell us what you are thankful for this year
My little Toby James.  I would say I was pretty content with my life before him but now that he’s here, I know that my life has a real purpose – to be a good mommy and to enjoy watching him grow.  Some days are tough but the happy days always outweigh the fussy ones.  Motherhood has really changed me in such a positive way.



  1. Sweet potato casserole is definitely one of my faves! PS:: You're an awesome mom and so blessed to have sweet little Toby :D

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your recipe for the Sweet Potato Casserole!


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