Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life with a 2 Month Old (10 Weeks) – PM Schedule

Check out the AM schedule here

1:05PM – Back upstairs for a change of scenery to do some tummy time. This doesn’t last for long. Then a diaper change, rock in the glider for a couple minutes, swaddle, pacifier, crib for another nap. I go downstairs to Swiffer the floors and fold Toby’s laundry.

2:05PM – He’s up again! I get him and we go downstairs to dance a little to some music (I usually keep the TV on one of the music stations for background noise during the day). He starts getting fussy so it’s time to eat. I brought the Boppy downstairs with me earlier so all nursing sessions take place in the living room by this point.

2:40PM – All done eating so we play with his elephant toy. After 10 minutes, we get ready to take a walk in a neighboring town’s park. Diaper change, I change into work-out clothes, make sure I have necessities in my bag, and then we’re off to Hubby’s work to grab the car seat caddy since we forgot to switch it over to my trunk last night. He fusses a little on the way there but then falls asleep a minute before we get to Hubby’s office. Hubby comes down to see what Toby’s wearing and say hi.

photo (15)

3:45PM – Finally at the park. We get a couple laps done on the path around the soccer fields before he wakes up and starts fussing.  It’s gorgeous weather but he gets hot in his car seat easily.  We drive back home and of course he falls asleep again.

photo (14)

4:20PM – At home and he’s ready to eat. After he’s finished, I put him in the pack n’ play and turn on his owl mobile which always keeps him entertained. I eat a yogurt and feed the cats. I put Toby in his Jeep stroller and we walk down to get the mail.

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photo (12)

5:15PM – Time to start dinner, so I drag the activity mat into the hallway outside the kitchen so I can watch him while he’s playing. I wash bottles while pasta is boiling and sausage is cooking. Dinner tonight is rotini with chicken sausage quarters and diced tomatoes in tomato sauce.

5:45PM – Auntie Hil is home and says hi before she goes downstairs to take a nap. By this time, Toby is getting fussy being on the floor mat, so I finish dinner and set it aside to wait until Hubby gets home. I bring Toby upstairs to see if he’ll fall asleep for a cat nap. Sure enough his eyes close after rocking in the chair for just a minute. Swaddle, pacifier, crib.

6:15PM – I come downstairs and start working on this blog post. Hubby gets home, re-heats dinner, and we eat.

6:40PM – Toby is up and crying. Hubby gets him, warms up a bottle and starts feeding him. I’m still working on this post :)

7:15PM – Toby is finished and burped but still crying pretty hard so I try nursing him instead of pumping. He only eats for a couple minutes so I guess he needed just a little more. Going to need to get bigger bottles soon as he probably ate close to 5oz with that last feeding! I pump for 15 minutes and then head to the grocery store since I didn’t go yesterday.

8:45PM – I am home and groceries are unpacked. Hubby changed Toby into PJ’s while I was gone. Toby is crying and definitely ready to eat again and go to bed. We’ve tried moving his bedtime up because he gets fussy around 8ish but it backfires because then he wakes at 11PM and then again at 1AM instead of doing one long stretch. We go upstairs to nurse and Hubby hangs out on the spare bed until we’re done.

9:10PM – Toby is done eating…swaddle, pacifier, crib. Let’s hope he stays asleep until 3ish tonight (or even later…). I come downstairs and Hubby and I watch TV and use our laptops until bedtime.

10:40PM – I pump, wash the parts and bottles, and head upstairs to bed.

So that’s a typical day lately. Sometimes instead of a walk, we do errands instead. Though, he tends to wake up halfway through when we’re in a store and freak out in the car seat which stresses me out and then we leave. At this point, I’d rather do errands on my own on the weekends until he gets better being inside stores. Sometimes we don’t leave the house at all which I’ve been okay with despite my goal of getting out of the house at least once a day.  Some days we just need some time to re-charge and hang out at home instead of going out and that’s ok :)

I kind of see a pattern emerging during the day with his naps but really it all depends on his feeding schedule. We still do on-demand nursing during the day so it could be 2 hours between feedings or he’ll go 3 hours in between. I want to make sure he’s gaining enough weight so we’ll keep doing this and let him make his own schedule for now. 

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  1. I can totally relate to the needing to get out of the house thing. I usually do my grocery shopping Monday and there are days I'm in the house until Friday or Saturday and I can feel myself getting cranky and stir crazy!

  2. It's great that you guys get out every day! I tried putting Noah down early and it didn't work for us either. He goes down between 8 and 9.

  3. I love the name Toby!! :) Thanks for linking up today.


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