Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toby: 2 Months!

What happened to the snuggly little newborn who loved cuddling on our chests, and was perfectly content with just snoozing all the time???  He’s grown into a wide-eyed, curious little guy who is constantly wanting to move and squirm ALL the time.  Month two has flown by so fast – the biggest changes have been seeing Toby become more aware of his surroundings.  He recognizes both of our voices and if he hears someone new, he will search the room with his eyes trying to find the person attached to the voice.  He loves being outside, feeling the breeze and warm summer air.  He prefers for music or some kind of noise to always be on.  The louder a room is, the easier it is for him to fall asleep – and to stay asleep for longer.  He is definitely growing now.  I keep looking at his fingers and his nails and am amazed at how bigger they seem.  He’s also filling out clothes at a much faster pace.  He’s still longer than wider, but I can tell he’s getting chunky.  He keeps getting lint and other stuff stuck in his rolls, which has made baths a necessity :)


I have to admit, I miss the little new baby cuddles and just how tiny he was!  He will still fall asleep in my arms, but it’s just not the same as it was when we first took him home.  I never thought I would say I’d miss the first few weeks since they were tough, but I do!  However, I’m really excited for month 3, though, since he’s so much more into playing and interacting with us now.


Weight: His doctor is on vacation until next week, so his 2 month appt isn’t until the 28th.  Maybe he’ll be close to 10 pounds by then?

Height: Still long and lean – some of his 0-3 clothes are pulling already at the bottom of his diaper bulge and getting short.


Medical Issues: Baby acne is finally going away!  Still dealing with some eczema but it doesn’t seem to itch or bother him.  Not an issue, but I accidently made him bleed when cutting one of his nails tonight…oh I feel so awful right now :(

Sleep: Pretty good!  He usually falls asleep on his own if we put him in the crib drowsy and not completely asleep.  Same routine of being in the crib by 9:30 at the latest, sleeping until 2 or 3, eating, then back to sleep until 6:30 or 7.    Now I’m trying to feed him again quickly and put him back in the crib to see if he’ll sleep for another hour or so before we actually start getting ready for the day.  Some days it works, some days it doesn’t :)  Naps are going well, too – he’s finally starting to sleep longer than just 3o minutes at a time, though he still isn’t on a set schedule yet.  He will fall asleep anywhere – the crib, pack n’ play, swing or car.


Clothes/Diapers Sizes: 0-3 stuff finally all fit.  Still 1 for diapers.

Diet: Pretty proud that we’ve made it two months with breastfeeding!  We’ve had some frustrating moments but we’ve gotten through it.  Sessions last about 20-30 minutes and he’s even getting good at latching on himself without help.  When eating from a bottle, he takes close to 4 ounces (I usually put 3.75 in).


Baby Gear Love: Nothing really new – he still loves his activity mat, the swing, the Ergo, and now he’s getting more comfortable with his high chair (it reclines back for an infant) so we’ve been able to eat dinner together at the table. 

Milestones/Firsts: Daddy taught him how to “stand” and now he wants to do it ALLLL the time.  He loves holding his legs as straight as possible and putting all his weight on them.  Even while laying down, which has made diaper changes and putting him into footed pj’s very difficult.  He also grabbed onto the leg of one of his toys by himself but I’ve only seem him do that once. 


Likes: Baths.  Being outside.  Loud noise and listening to people talking.  Punching and swatting toys.  Looking up at the mobiles in his crib and pack n’ play.

Dislikes: Tummy time.  Sigh – we were trying to work up past 5 minutes each day but as soon as I put him on his belly, he fusses immediately.  Also not a fan of being in the car seat for an extended period of time.  I have a feeling we will be using the Jeep stroller instead of the seat caddy much more in the next few months.


Postpartum – Mommy: Last ten pounds are coming off very, very slowly.  I’ve heard that you burn more fat calories in the 3rd-6th months of breastfeeding…wondering if that’s actually true and maybe I’ll finally drop the pounds then?  I did try on a pair of my jeans that I was wearing right before I got pregnant when I was at my lowest weight ever, and I can zip them up but I’d have a serious muffin top and my thighs were sucked in.  Thank God I saved a few “fat” pairs :) 




Love these half smiles.  Makes my heart happy :)



  1. He's adorable and looks just like you! Sounds like he's sleeping great!

  2. what a cutie. not sure if you play music often but in case you don't you should try it. when my son was about 2 months he began crying when we would put him in his carseat but as soon as we played some music {we listen to classical, country, r&b, and Christmas music... just something that wasn't too busy} we noticed that he would calm down and eventually would fall asleep.


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