Sunday, September 9, 2012

101 in 1001 – Museum of Science

It’s been difficult to work on my 101 in 1001 list since Toby’s arrival, but I’m still determined to get as many items crossed off the list before the “due date” next fall!  A few weeks ago, I was looking to see which things would be possible to complete now and decided we would visit the Museum of Science in Boston.  I last visited the museum a long time ago, probably when I was only 4 or 5 years old. 

Boston is about a 45 minute drive from our home. Parking can actually be pretty cheap on the weekends in the city as long as there’s not a sports game or huge convention taking place, which kind of defeats the purpose of taking public transportation.  We knew it would much easier driving in with Toby anyways.  Plus, I wanted the option of being able to pump or breastfeed in the car if necessary.  Oh, the planning involved with a baby :)

Toby slept the entire ride in and then woke up after we parked at a nearby mall.  It was perfect weather for visiting Boston…not too hot and there was a slight breeze which made walking really pleasant.  Toby wasn’t thrilled to be in the stroller but once we got moving and made our way over to the museum, he was okay.  He started fussing a lot more after we bought our tickets, so I decided to wear him in the Ergo.  Luckily it put him right to sleep so Hubby and I were able to wander around the exhibits.  Checking out the dinosaur fossils was my favorite:


We made a lunch and bottle pit stop in the mid afternoon and then after that, Toby decided it was the perfect time to have a diaper explosion while we were in the Egypt exhibit.  Of course there wasn’t a restroom on the same floor, so we had to go down a level to do a diaper change.  Hubby took care of that one, and then 5 minutes later Toby had another one so I was on duty that time.  Toby seems to always enjoy having explosions while we’re out of the house :)  We headed back up to the exhibit to finish looking at all the Egyptian artifacts, including a real mummified body.

Overall it was a good day with just a couple episodes of fussiness on Toby’s part.  The museum was good to check out, but I thought there would be more exhibits in it.  It also needs some updating, as I don’t think some exhibits have been re-done since the 70’s.  There are a lot of interactive activities for younger kids to do, though, so it will be a fun place to visit again in a few years when Toby’s older.  Visiting the city wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would originally be, and I’m glad we’re continuing to venture out in public as much as we do.  It takes a lot of planning, but it’s always worth it.


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