Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Photo Recap: Weeks 8-9

iPhone photo dump from weeks 8-9:

Sly little smile

photo (18)

Sleeping smile

photo (19)

Smiling at his froggy on the activity mat

photo (20)

Nothing cuter than jean shorts and some little blue shoes

photo (12)

Dancing at the candlepin bowling alley

photo (13)

Looking like a little boy and not a baby!

photo (14)

Hanging out with his guys in the kitchen while Mommy makes dinner

photo (15)

Enjoying the warm breeze outside on the porch

photo (16)


photo (17)

Keeping it classy in a polo

photo (1)

Listening to the cars go by with BFF Maggie

photo (2)

Checking himself out in the mirror

photo (3)

Cute little overalls



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  1. Those blue jean shorts and shoes are absolutely adorable!!

    Your little man is so handsome!


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