Friday, August 3, 2012

Sewing Crafts

It’s no secret that I love anything relating to arts and crafts and DIY things.  However, one hobby that I’ve never been a fan of is sewing.  I remember learning how to sew on a machine in Home EC class back in middle school and absolutely hating it.  I would always get so frustrated because my lines were never straight and it took forever going back and doing things over.  I probably just needed to practice more, but ever since then I’ve really had no interest in sewing projects.

Now, though, I wish I did have better skills with sewing.  For instance, my blue maxi dress is wayyyy too long without my bump now, even though it’s non-maternity.  I’d love to wear it again this summer but I’d have to wear some 3 inch heels and let’s just say I’m not comfortable doing that while holding a newborn.  Knowing how to do a decent hem would be really handy.  I also have fallen in love with some of these crafty ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest:


DIY Hooded Towels - so cute especially because Toby likes to cuddle in these after bathtime. And I can totally see how they'll be too short on him in the next few months as they're really not that long.




DIY Burp Cloths - Toby doesn't spit up a lot, but we do tend to go through cloths quickly. It'd be nice to have a few more on hand and make them larger than the ones we had registered for. We also use the Gerber prefolded cloth diapers as burp cloths, and I like them since they're big, but they're kind of lint-y.



DIY Camera Strap Cover - I've been so tempted to buy one of these on Etsy but for some reason I've put it off. This is a tutorial on how to make your own, but I just don't think I have the patience to try it :)

The other thing that’s discouraging is how expensive sewing machines are.  I have a feeling I’d use it once or twice and then neglect it for several months…I think I need to finish some of my other crafty projects (like my wedding scrapbook that’s been 2 years in the making) before I venture onto sewing!


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  1. I cannot sew a button on, literally. I'm envious of those who can create such cute things on Pinterest.

    Is there a sewing class near you? I'm tempted to take one soon.


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