Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beach Day

A couple weeks ago my sister and I were doing a Target run with Toby and on the way back home, I decided to try to find the local town beach since Toby was still passed out in his car seat.  I had read about the beach in the online town paper back in May and figured it may be a good place to visit this summer with the baby.  It ended up being very close to our old apartment, which made me mad that we never knew about it before hand!  Anyways, Hubby and I took Toby there last Sunday for a few hours in the early afternoon.  It was a great excuse to finally dress Toby up in one of his swim outfits, hats, and sunglasses:

photo (11)


For it being a lake beach, it really was not bad at all.  There’s a good amount of beach space and sand, and over to one side, there’s also a lot of picnic tables in the shade.  It’s a great kids’ beach, because the water is very shallow and you aren’t allowed to swim out past the buoy line, which is only about 5 feet deep.  We were able to snag a spot under a large tree since its branches came up over the edge of the beach. We still put our beach tent up, even though we were basically out of the sun.  Toby was awake when we got there and we could tell he loved being outside like he always does.  The slight breeze and warm air kept him calm for awhile until he got hungry, so I gave him a bottle to ensure he stayed quiet :)  Hubby went into the lake to try out the water and it was surprisingly warm so later on I went in, too.  Toby took a good nap for about an hour or so until it started to get really windy and the beach tent was about to blow away.  Unfortunately I think the noise of us trying to fix everything woke him up.  We decided at that point it was time to leave since the fussies were starting.  Overall I didn’t feel like we had to pack that much more stuff than we normally do, so it was a good practice trip for Maine next month.  Not too bad for our first beach trip! 



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