Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Recipe Review

Tonight I tried out this recipe for Fiber-One Parmesan Crusted Chicken as it’s something I was eyeing for awhile on one of my favorite food blogs.  I pretty much love anything with chicken but I tend to get sick of it pretty quickly.  Lately we have been trying really hard to be more healthy and have been eating a TON of chicken.  So I was hoping this recipe would be a little different, but still good for our diets :)

I only modified a few things.  Instead of using Fiber-One, I bought brand-name bran flakes cereal.  Fiber One is a little pricey, especially since I wasn’t planning on eating the rest of it for breakfast.  We didn’t have any onion powder, so I threw a little ground mustard in.  And I also added another couple of pinches of parmesan cheese since I couldn’t resist :)  My chicken ended up looking pretty close to this…


For next time, I will definitely use fresh chicken and not frozen.  We had frozen chicken breasts already so that’s why I used them tonight.  But it’s annoying defrosting them, then trying to dry them off, then dipping in the egg, etc.  Using fresh = less steps! 

I served this with herb and butter mashed potatoes, but any side would go really well – mixed veggies, rice, etc.  I would give this recipe a 7/10 based on it being fairly easy to create and bake, hubby liked it, and it was healthy without giving up any taste.  This is 1 of my 50 new recipes I have on my list for my 101 in 1001 days.

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