Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Decade

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve!  We went up to Portsmouth, NH for the weekend and had a blast.  Ate way too much food (though it was all pretty amazing) so I need to get my lazy bum on the treadmill tomorrow :)  I will do a couple posts on where we ate this weekend and our reviews of each place later this week to recap. 

It’s crazy to think that a new decade is starting.  I was a sophomore in high school when it was 1999 and we were anxiously waiting for 2000 to come.  Midnight hit, everything changed to 2000, and nothing crashed – everything was fine.  I remember spending New Year’s 2000 with the playgroup crew but I definitely don’t recall any resolutions I had for the upcoming year.  It was probably something lame, like get a boyfriend :)

In the past 10 years, a lot of major events have happened in my life.

- I started working at my first part-time job at the doctor’s office a few months after I turned 16

- I got my driver’s license

- I graduated from high school in 2003

- I was accepted into all four schools that I applied to but decided on FSC and am so glad I did

- I started dating the love of my life in March 2007

- I graduated from college in Dec 2007

- I officially moved out of my parent’s house and rented an apartment with two college friends for a year

- I started working at my current job in summer of 2008

- We got engaged in Oct 2008

- We moved in together in Dec 2008 and got our two kitties the day after Christmas

- We closed on our townhouse in November 2009 and moved in the first week of December

- We got married in May 2010

Those are the biggies that happened, but tons of other things have happened in the past 10 years.  I met some amazing people in college who I really consider some of my closest friends now, but sadly have lost touch with a lot of my high school friends.  I didn’t think that I changed much in college, but I realize that I have evolved a little since high school.  Comparing my 25 year self to 15 year self – I have become more confident and slightly more outgoing.  I am not so much of a goody-two-shoes.  I have many days now in which I think I am pretty while in high school there was never a day I thought I was beautiful.  I thought I would never have a serious boyfriend and gave up all hope the winter of senior year in college.  Then I starting dating the boy I had known since freshman year but was never good friends with, and we ended up getting married a little over 3 years after our first date.

I’m excited to think of what this new decade brings us…most likely it will soon be focused on starting a family, but I’m also curious to see where we decide to travel for vacation next, what opportunities our jobs bring us, if one or both of us decide to go back for graduate school, and how our friendships will progress.  We have a lot more couple friends now so it will be interesting to find out who gets pregnant first.  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2011!



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