Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Different Kinds of Cake

I feel like everyone on Facebook has been exclaiming “We’re so excited to share that we are expecting!”.  Seriously there was one day when 3 different women had something like that as her status.  Except I’m not very close with the people who have shared their baby secret lately.  They are people I know from college but it’s not like I would be invited to their baby shower.

One of my friends or coworkers needs to get pregnant ASAP so I can make this – I keep seeing them pop up on blogs everywhere and they’re so cute!  This is from Cap Creations:


They are diaper cakes and you can really put anything inside of them.  Diapers (obviously), towels, onesies, and in the middle of the larger layers, you can even shove in a bottle of baby powder or some bath stuff.  For this cake, she layered the diapers with receiving blankets, which is a really cute and colorful addition.  Love! 

I suppose I could make one of these for a bridal shower and use bath towels and house stuff instead that a couple has registered for?  Hmmmm something like…


I think I can pull that off…probably wouldn’t do all the ribbon on the sides going up to the top, though.  But I like how they were able to add in kitchen utensils along with the towels.  And I just realized a cutting board was used as the base.  Good thing we have lots of weddings to go this year…I will have to try making at least one this wedding season :)

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  1. So Sarah made something similar to this for my shower and it was very creative! You could totally pull this off for any occasion :)


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