Wednesday, January 30, 2013


While I’m happy Toby has met another milestone, I have to be honest in saying I already miss my non-mobile baby.  I’m not ready for this.  He figured out how to army crawl in like two days.  At least he’s not fast…yet.  Why do I have a feeling he’ll be pulling himself up to stand next week?!

We need to baby proof ASAP (I feel like I said this a month ago).  I started with his room today and made sure plug protectors are in and that things on the bottom level of his changing station are safe.  But there’s still a lot to do – attach furniture to walls, clean up the guest bedroom side, and oh yeah BUY BABY GATES!  Yikes.  I completely understand why people like the open concept in houses so much.  I was constantly having to peek my head around the kitchen into the living room every five seconds this morning while I was trying to make myself some oatmeal and coffee.

Other milestone he has met is he figured out how to pull himself up from laying on his belly to the sitting position.  Freaked us out on Sunday when we put him down for a nap laying down and then turned on the monitor to see he was sitting up in his crib.  At least the crib was easy to lower a level.  This is actually a convenient development for us so now he can decide on his own if he wants to sit or lay on his belly.

Where did this snuggly little newborn go?!





  1. Oh girl, it definitely changes things, but it's so much fun..just a little busier! ha Our guy army crawled first too, and it really wasn't long after that he was pulling up!! Now his crawling up the stairs! ahh!


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