Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day in the Life (6.5 months)

Monday, 1/7/13

5:04AM – I wake up to hearing Toby stirring on the video monitor.  He is moving around but not fussing.  I try to fall back asleep as I don’t go in there now unless he’s truly crying.  He’s been sleeping since about 7:45pm (no wake-ups).

6:52AM – He must have fallen back asleep as I wake up again to hearing him whining.  I go into his room, say “Good Morning”, take him out of his sleep sack and do a diaper change.  Then he nurses for about 20 minutes, I burp him and we hang out in the glider for a little.  Maggie  comes in to see what we’re doing.

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7:30AM– We go downstairs so I can eat breakfast and turn the Keurig on.  Toby sits very well on his own now so I feel comfortable leaving him on his mat in the living room while I microwave my oatmeal and make coffee.  I come back into the living room to watch him play while I eat.  After I finish, I sit on the floor with him and we play with blocks and rattles, I help him use his sippy cup to drink some water, and we also play with some wooden car toys. 

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8:05AM – He starts to get fussy so he’s probably hungry.  First we do another diaper change (he’s pretty on schedule with pooping in the AM before 8:30).  Then I bring him into the kitchen, strap him in the high chair and prepare breakfast.  He will get 2oz of oatmeal and 2oz of applesauce this morning.  He eats all the oatmeal and about half of the applesauce before he starts to get uninterested and make the sour face (that means he’s full).

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8:30AM – I clean him up and give him a few toys to play with while still in the high chair so I can empty the dishwasher and wash some stuff in the sink.  The cats have been jumping on the counter all morning so I know they smell something in there they want.  After about 15 minutes, he starts to get fussy so I bring him upstairs to wind down before putting him down for a nap.  We read a couple stories using the Boppy to prop up the books.

photo (4)

8:55AM – I turn on the white noise machine, put him in his sleep sack and sing the ABC’s to him.  I head to our room to grab the monitor and my laptop and head upstairs to the loft.  Toby falls asleep in about 5 minutes.  I log into work to check emails and Skype with co-workers.

9:30AM - I log out of work, head back downstairs to our room and spend some time paying bills online, checking out blogs, and watching the local news.  After about 20 minutes, I take a shower, get dressed, brush teeth, apply make-up and fix hair.  Toby is still napping so I go downstairs to make a couple bottles.

10:30AM – Toby is up!  It’s so nice when he sleeps longer than an hour in the mornings (he’s not consistent with it yet).  He’s not fussing but I head into his room to get him dressed for the day.  We head back downstairs and I warm a bottle up.  He takes about 15 minutes to finish it (7 oz).

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11:10AM – We get ready to leave for a grocery shopping trip.  I usually go on Sundays but didn’t get the chance to go yesterday.  I plop him in the shopping cart cover once we get to the store and he’s pretty content with just watching everything around him.  He loved when I showed him a couple limes.  Received four comments on how cute he is.

photo (1)

12:30PM – Back home - groceries and Toby are unloaded.  I sit him down on a blanket right outside the kitchen with a few toys so I can watch him while I make a quick lunch for myself.  We then head upstairs to play and read a couple stories before he takes a nap.

1:15PM – I put him down for a nap.  He takes about 10 minutes to wind down before he falls asleep.  I pick up some clutter in our bathroom and bedroom and then use my laptop for a bit.

2:20PM – Toby is up…grrr for no 90 minute nap.  I wait 5 minutes but he’s definitely up and fussing so I go in to get him.  Hubby gets home at this point and comes upstairs to see what we’re doing.  Hubby takes Toby and I go downstairs to make a green smoothie for me and warm up a bottle for Toby (7oz).  Hubby sits down in the living room to feed Toby and I then head back upstairs to the loft to log into work. 

5:30PM – I am done with work for the day so I come back downstairs.  Toby has played, used his jumper, and ate while I was working.  He is on day three of trying mashed potatoes with a little unsalted butter and he HATES them.  First solid food he’s really disliked.  Hubby gave him yogurt (about 2oz) since he didn’t eat the potatoes.  Guess we’ll try a new veggie tomorrow.  I start to make dinner which is Sloppy Joe Cups tonight.


6:20PM – Hubby and I eat dinner in the living room while Toby plays on the floor.  Normally we eat at the dining room table but Toby had enough of being in the high chair or sitting in the Go Pod.  After dinner, I clean up the kitchen while Toby plays with Hubby.

7:00PM – Hubby takes Toby upstairs to get ready for a bath.  I make his last bottle of the night (7oz).  I come upstairs to straighten his room and put clothes away while bath time is being finished.  Hubby brings Toby into his room and lays him on the changing table to get him into a nighttime diaper, apply lotion, and dress him in PJ’s.  I take over and feed him the bottle, apply Vaseline on his cheeks when he’s done, and then sing the ABC’s to him while I dress him in the sleep sack.  He is crying already so I try to calm him down a little by patting his head.  He turns onto his belly so I rub his back.  After a minute, I head quietly out of the room and head downstairs.

7:40PM – He cries for about 5 minutes before falling asleep.  Hubby and I watch TV and do stuff on our laptops. 

9:15PM – Hubby heads upstairs to go to bed since he has to wake up at 4AM for work.  Tonight I stay downstairs for awhile longer but sometimes I’ll go up to bed early.  I watch TV, clean up a little downstairs, and then finally pump for 15 minutes.

10:30PM – I go upstairs to bed.

This is a typical day for the most part.  Obviously it can change based on his naps – sometimes he will wake up after 45 minutes and not fall back asleep.  If that happens, Hubby will take him out in the afternoons and then he’ll take a cat nap in the car in the late afternoon.  But he has definitely become more consistent over the past month taking longer naps which has been really nice.

I usually try to get out of the house with him a couple times a week and do errands.  If we don’t end up going out, it just means more playtime in the middle of the day.  Hubby takes him out a lot in the afternoons when they’re together. 

Curious to see how this will change in the next few months!


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  1. Sounds like you guys have a pretty solid routine! You're smart for trying to get consistent naps at this age. :)


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