Thursday, January 17, 2013

365 Project: Week 1 January

Well I meant to be better about posting these updates on a regular basis but I’m slacking a little.  Here are pictures from week 1 of my 365 Photo a Day project!

Jan 1st – 7th


  • 1. Playing on New Year’s Day
  • 2. Trying yogurt for the first time – made a few faces at first but ended up liking it
  • 3. Nom nom nom yummy Sophie.  Some days he loves her and some days he’s not a fan
  • 4. My Ellie bean.  Getting in some cuddles while she can.


  • 5. At an after holidays ugly sweater party (Toby’s wasn’t technically ugly, just holiday themed).
  • 6. Morning cuddles and kisses.
  • 7. All dressed and ready to go grocery shopping (exciting!)


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