Sunday, February 10, 2013


Watching – Toby pull himself up on anything within arm length.  Ahhhhh.

Listening to – Snow fall off the roof.  I go back and forth every day about wanting to move/not wanting to move but seeing all the snow outside our townhouse makes me feel so claustrophobic.  There’s no where to put all of it!!!

Thinking about – Warmer weather.

Loving – Finally being able to to have more than two drinks and not worry about Toby drinking some boozed up milk later on. 

Anticipating – Girl’s night this week!  Much needed.

Making me happy – Last week I came downstairs from working in the loft, stopped on the last stair and said “Hi” to Toby who was sitting in front of the fireplace.  He smiled and immediately crawled as fast as he could to my feet.  Gahhh I about died with the cuteness!  So nice to feel loved.

Wishing – that I don’t get sick anymore this winter season.  I am SO sick of being sick!  Where am I getting all these germs by being a SAHM?!  Just really lucky that Toby hasn’t caught anything.

Craving – carbs.  Whenever I get a cold, I eat bagels and pasta and bread and more bagels and cereal. 

Working on – Being healthy.  Trying to do more “clean eating”.  Less processed foods, making more things on my own (like granola bars).  Relying on more frozen veggies instead of canned.  If I buy canned stuff, I always buy no salt added or reduced sodium now.  Switched to Natural Bliss coffee creamer since it has less ingredients.  I’ve realized I have to do a smoothie every day to get in fruits and veggies or else it just won’t happen.  Also bought protein powder to mix into granola bars and smoothies – I like how full I feel after eating something with it. 



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