Sunday, September 16, 2012

Toby: 3 Months Old!

Well, this summer sure has flown by!  I look back at photos from the very early weeks and it’s just crazy how much he’s already changed since then.  Definitely doesn’t look like a newborn anymore.


This month, like month 2, has been fun!  He gives the cutest smiles so I’m always trying to find new ways to get a big toothless grin from him.  And when he giggles, oh my gosh, it’s so adorable.  Sometimes I tear up (tears of joy!) when we’re interacting – I guess seeing him so happy makes me happy :)  Playing with him is great, but sometimes challenging as I can only shake a toy in front of his face so many times before it gets old.  I’ve found that moving to a new activity every 20-30 minutes in a different room in the house helps.  We’ll do the activity mat (I sit on the floor besides him), let him swing, then go upstairs and do tummy time in his room, check out some books and rattles and then just relax and “talk” on our bed.  I’m trying to always keep talking  – describing colors, counting things, and other simple stuff so he’s hearing more and more words.  I’m really excited he likes the small touch and feel books now.  He doesn’t touch them yet but loves looking at the bright colors on the pages.


He’s starting to enjoy outings more and take in his surroundings instead of just snoozing.  We’re much more comfortable using his Jeep stroller so he’s front facing.  He definitely likes riding in that better than being in the car seat caddy as the car seat is like a torture device for him.  I ordered a car seat activity bar on Amazon a few days ago so hopefully that will keep him entertained longer instead of just whining in the seat.


Things I’m excited to see for the following month:  Hubby put together the jumper a few days ago to see if Toby can use it yet.  He’s doing really well with holding his head up but I think he still needs a few more weeks before he can use the jumper without me sitting right next to him.  We also started a baby yoga class last week.  It’s a 7 week session so the majority of it will fall within this next month.  He liked the first class so let’s hope he enjoys the rest of it!  It was tough searching for a “mommy and me” class that starts under 6 months of age, but I’m really glad I found this one. 


Weight: Was 10 pounds, 5 ounces at his 2 month appointment (which was 10 days late).  Still skinny but his doctor said it’s okay, just to make sure that when he’s showing his hunger cues to feed him right away.  In the 10th percentile for weight.  Guessing he’s gotta be at least 11 pounds by now, hopefully getting closer to 12.

Height: Was 24.5 inches at his 2 month appt – grew another 2 inches in a month!  Long and lean still – he’s in the 86th percentile for height. 

Medical Issues: First fever came from his 2 month shots on 8/28 – it went up to 100.7 so we called the doctor to get the okay to give him Tylenol.  That helped immediately and he was able to sleep decent that night.  He was still a little fussy the next day but not as hot.  Other issues: dry skin, including a little cradle cap.  I’ve been using baby oil on his scalp at night and gently scraping it away with his comb.  We do a bath every other night so he doesn’t get too dry, unless there’s a big diaper explosion.


Sleep: Still good – sleeping 9pm-2:30am, up to eat for 20 minutes, back to sleep until 6:30ish.  Trying to work on a schedule for naps, but it can still be random.  Basically he will eat, stay up for about 90 minutes or so and then get fussy so I know it’s naptime.  He usually takes one mid morning nap that lasts for 45 minutes.  Then he goes back down for an early afternoon nap, which sometimes can be longer.  He’ll nap in the late afternoon for 45 minutes to an hour, and then he typically needs a cat nap in the evening or else he’s really fussy.  Would love for him to just go to bed early around 7:3o or 8 to eliminate the cap nap…

Clothes/Diapers Sizes: 0-3 stuff is getting tight lengthwise but will not have to switch to 3-6 stuff for another few weeks (except I did have to put him in a 3-6 white onesie that he’s wearing in these pictures as Gerber runs small).  I put him in some 6 month pants to see how much room he has left to fill them out and they’re still pretty big.  Don’t want to buy any 3 month pants, though, as they’d be capri’s on him!  Using 1’s for diapers but probably on our last big box of those.

Diet: Made it 3 months with breastfeeding which was my goal!  We’re still going strong, so I’m going to give it another month.  Eating 4-4.25 oz when taking a bottle. Sometimes will eat up to 5oz in the evening.  Getting better with going 3 hours in between feedings (the every 2 hours schedule was getting annoying and meant very short naps).  I think I’ll wait another few weeks until I try to get him to stretch it to 3.5-4 hours in between since I want to make sure he’s gaining enough weight.


Baby Gear Love: Jeep stroller – used it a lot on vacation and it was perfect since he fell asleep in it on walks from the rental house to the beach/downtown area.  Also bought the Tommy Tippee thermos and we are amazed at how hot it keeps water all day – awesome for traveling or even when we’re just out and about for a bit (no need to wait for a waiter to bring over a cup of hot water or track down a coffee shop to ask for some). 

Milestones/Firsts: First trip to Boston (went to Museum of Science) on 8/19.  First fever (which meant first dose of Tylenol) on 8/28.  Attended first kid’s birthday party on 8/25 (for Mickayla, she turned 1).  First family vacation and first trip to Maine 9/1-9/8 [firsts during vacation: trip to the ocean/beach (York Beach), trip to the zoo (York Wild Animal Kingdom), also started grabbing toys, pulling his legs up to his belly, giggling, and “talking” during this week].  So close to rolling but hasn’t done it yet.


Likes: Playing with Mommy on the activity mat (loves when I get up real close to him).  Laying on the couch and looking up at people’s faces upside down.  Loves listening to anyone talk and he’ll talk right back – he can be a little chatterbox just like Daddy :)  Being outside is exciting for him – we have been laying on a blanket out back a lot since we returned from Maine.  Also still a fan of the swing – now he stays awake in it and just looks around the room instead of falling asleep right away.

Dislikes: Tummy time is no fun – tolerates it for a few minutes at least.  I think he’ll be rolling in the next few weeks.  And still hates the car seat, unless he’s moving in it.

Postpartum: I’ve had a couple times where sleep deprivation has gotten to me.  While I know it’s nice that he only wakes up once a night to eat, it’s still draining.  Slowly adjusting to an earlier time schedule.  As for physical stuff…my hair is coming out in handfuls!  Apparently postpartum hair loss is normal.  I’m going to schedule a hair cut soon to see if it helps cut down on the shedding.  Also had a mini meltdown in Maine when my boobs didn’t fit in a bathing suit I bought last summer.  And as fall approaches, that means I won’t be able to do skirts and dresses every day…I need to get used to wearing real jeans again but they’re just not comfy!





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  1. So glad you have a good sleeper on your hands! My Noah was not feeling well after his last shots either. :(


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