Monday, September 17, 2012

Growing Up

Skinny newborn Toby certainly has grown over the past few months!  He looks like such a little boy in the three month photo.  I don’t see a huge difference between month 2 and month 3, other than the fact he can sit up a little more comfortably in the glider now! 











His face is filling out – love kissing those “chunka” cheeks hundreds of times each day.  Still can’t tell who he looks more like, though.  He has my nose and Hubby’s mouth and a mixture of the other features.  His eyes have become more defined…I really hope they stay blue like mine :)











He’s certainly grown taller!  He’s grown 5 inches from birth to his 2 month appointment so he may be even longer now.  As for weight, he’s still lean but his thighs and arms are getting fat.  I really feel like he grows so much lengthwise that he just can’t keep up with adding on the pounds.



Can’t wait to see how he progresses the next few months!


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  1. I love seeing his progress! I need to do an update for Noah :)

    Toby certainly has filled out in the face and he's so long and lean! I think he looks more like your hubs and has your nose :)


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