Thursday, September 27, 2012

What We’ve Been Up To Lately…

Haven’t done a photo recap in a while!  Here’s a bunch from my phone:

photo (18)

This picture cracks me up because it looks like he has a little alien head :)  He’s getting pretty good at holding up his head, though!

photo (20)

The weather is in that weird transition phase from summer to fall so it’s been hard choosing outfits!  This was a new comfy fall outfit from Old Navy…size 3-6!  He’s barely in anything 0-3 anymore with the exception of Carter’s short-sleeve onesies.

photo (21)

Daddy’s birthday from a couple weeks ago :)  Toby and I bought him a Starbucks giftcard since he’s been obsessed with coffee lately (and because he always gives me the “I don’t need anything” when I ask what he wants).

photo (22)

We have tried to wean the swaddle with no success (and we’ve only tried a half swaddle with leaving his arms out)…he will fall asleep for 5-10 minutes and then wake up screaming.  Guess he’s just not ready yet.

photo (23)

This was from our Maine vacation…woke up pretty happy one morning and was moving so fast his arms are just a blur

photo (24)

This was getting ready for Maine…his little red suitcase was all packed and ready to go!

photo (25)

Little feet and big feet

photo (26)

Serious face

photo (27)

For some reason, I think he looks a lot like my dad in this picture!



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  1. That last picture he's got a little side smirk going on. LOL.


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