Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recipe Review – Nutella & Strawberry Crepes

I made these crepes a couple months ago and I completely forgot to post about them.  When Hubby and I were in Mexico for our one year anniversary trip, I ordered Nutella crepes at one of the restaurants for breakfast one morning.  I usually would order pancakes but it was such a good switch getting those crepes – they were light, full of Nutella and cream cheese, and the whipped cream on top was heaven.  I know their crepes definitely were not healthy, so once we got home I went on a search to find something a little less fattening :)


I know strawberry season is almost over, but I definitely recommend trying these ASAP!  They are actually pretty easy to make once you practice.  I think the key is just to using a small frying pan so your batter fills the entire surface area of the pan.  The Nutella is an amazing addition for the filling and I can’t believe I had never tried Nutella before trying out this recipe.

Anyways, head over to Handle the Heat for the full recipe and how-to’s on making a perfect crepe!


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