Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fruit Slice Jell-o Shots

Bakers Royale is one of my favorite blogs to visit when I’m looking for something unique and creative to make for a party.  She comes up with the coolest stuff, including the ultimate Jell-o shots.  She has a few different ideas for them, but the ones I knew I had to try were these Lemon Drops:

image source from Bakers Royale

We had an annual BBQ to attend this summer and we always volunteer to bring Jell-o shots, so I decided to up my game a little.   I made several flavors and used not only lemons, but limes and oranges, as well.  What can I say, these were a HUGE hit.  They do take a little while to make, so I suggest starting them the night before and then setting the Jell-o overnight.  Your basic steps are:

    • Buy 10 lemons, 10 limes, 10 oranges (you really only need 7-8 per batch, but I bought extras), and 4 or 5 boxes of BRAND NAME Jell-o (do not buy the store brand or sugar free stuff)
    • Cut your lemons/limes/oranges in half.  (I tried both the “long” and “short” ways, and it does not matter)
    • Using a paring knife, CAREFULLY loosen the skin inside your fruit.  If you poke too far down, you will make a hole through the outer peel and then it’s no good :(

Picture 035

  • Squeeze as much juice as you can out of the fruit.  This will help with the “scooping out” process later on. 

Picture 037

  • Scoop out the pulp and excess skin. 
Picture 038     Picture 039

  • Get your Jell-o recipe ready!  (Follow normal directions and replace water with alcohol – for recipe suggestions, check out this site: http://www.myscienceproject.org/j-shot-3.html
  • I used muffin tins and cupcake holders to place the fruit cups into.  I also used some dry pasta noodles to help stabilize some of the cups.
  • Pour Jell-o into each fruit cup.  Fill it up as much as you can, and even overfill a little.  When the Jell-o starts to mold, the amount will go down and it looks better when they’re filled as much as possible.

Picture 033

  • CAREFULLY move the fruit cups into the fridge. 

Picture 041

    • Let the fruit cups set overnight in the fridge. 
    • The next morning, use a very sharp (not serrated) knife to cut the fruit cups into quarters. 

Picture 052


    • Serve them within a couple hours after taking them out of the fridge (I brought them in several Tupperware containers filled with ice to the BBQ and they stayed pretty well set for a few hours even in the hot sun!)

Here are all the flavors I made:


Strawberry Lemonade – strawberry Jell-o + 3/4 cup lemon vodka, 1/4 cup cold water

 Picture 043

Lemon Drops – lemon Jell-o + 3/4 cup lemon vodka, 1/4 cup cold water



Watermelons!  watermelon Jell-o + 1/2 tequila, 1/2 cup cold water



Orange slices – tropical fusion Jell-o + 3/4 cup Malibu rum, 1/4 cup cold water


I also made a batch of non-alcoholic Raspberry Lemonade shots, since one of our friends is pregnant, so she wouldn’t feel left out :)  Everyone was totally excited to try these out, and I have to admit, they’re a lot easier to eat like this!  Much more sanitary when you don’t have to poke your finger in the shot container to wiggle out the Jell-o.  I’m not sure how I can top these for next year, so I guess I’ll just be experimenting with different flavors…mmmmm!

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  1. Love!! This is such a cute, fun alternative to boring-old jello shots. They look so appetizing too! Thanks for the great idea.


  2. OK, I found your link over at Someday Crafts and these are so stinking cute that I had to come & tell you! Too bad we won't be entertaining anymore this year, but perhaps over New Years, so I can impress our friends with these.


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