Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cuteness – Cheese & Cracker Inspiration

Planning to serve cheese and crackers at your next party or get-together?  Why not dress them up a little?

image source

I found this image via Foodgawker on Cute Food for Kids.  All you need is a Laughing Cow wedge (my fav!), crackers, and an olive.  Apparently you use a straw to poke out little buttons and scissors to cut out the bow from the olive.  I’m curious to find out how long this really takes and if it’s worth the time, but the overall effect is pretty charming :)

Cute Food for Kids is a great site and includes a ton of ideas that you can easily modify so they’re not so kid-ish.  I also love her ideas for a Melted Marshmallow Snowman and an Apple O’Latern.  Check them out!


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  1. To say that these are adorable would be an understatement! Now I just need to find an occasion to make them, lol.

    Just found your blog on Weddingbee, btw, look forward to reading more!


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