Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Maine Wedding: Some Bridal Portraits

I’m never a fan of pictures of just me.  Whenever I choose pictures for my Facebook profile, it’s never a picture of only me; there has to be at least someone else in the photo.  Needless to say I’m not totally comfortable with the below bridal pictures, but it is nice to look back on them and think “wow, all the details and inspiration pics I searched for months finally came together.”  These were taken before the ceremony, and strangely enough I do look calm even though my stomach was doing flips. 

ProfWeddingPictures 117   ProfWeddingPictures 119  ProfWeddingPictures 121

I chose a half up, half down for my hairstyle to showcase my long curly hair.  I had kept it long for a few years at that point but once we were engaged, I knew I wouldn’t be cutting it until after the wedding.  My hair holds curls extremely well, so they lasted basically all night and didn’t get too frizzy until the end :)

ProfWeddingPictures 122

For my make-up, I was originally thinking of doing more purple and pinkish tones for the eyeshadow and blush.  However my make-up artist went with neutral peach and brown tones for my rehearsal I did about a month before the wedding.  I loved the outcome and she did an even better job the day of.  The peaches really made my blue eyes pop, and I appreciated how the make-up was subtle but very polished.

ProfWeddingPictures 124   ProfWeddingPictures 127

It was time to double-check the hair and make-up one last time and ensure everything was in its place.  At this point my parents joined my bridesmaids in the room so we could all walk together to the main house of the inn.  My girls grabbed their bouquets and off we went to get ready for the ceremony.

 ProfWeddingPictures 129 ProfWeddingPictures 130

See the building I came out of? So our bridal suite for the night was on the bottom and Hubby and his groomsmen were actually getting ready in the room right above us.  Hubby was SO adamant about not seeing me until I walked down the aisle and I was fine with this, but it was a little tricky maneuvering us in and out of rooms at the small inn to make sure we didn’t see each other that entire day:)  Shortly after I left and made my way to the main house, Hubby was given the okay to finally come out of his room and head down to the ceremony.

  ProfWeddingPictures 132 

Next up: Our Ceremony - Part 1.


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  1. It's never easy looking at pictures of yourself but you look radiant and beautiful in your bridal portraits!


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