Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Maine Wedding: Let’s Get Dressed!

After the practice run-through of my vows, our officiant left and it was decided I should finally put on my dress :)  Our photographer snagged a few shots of the dress before I slipped it on:

ProfWeddingPictures 076 ProfWeddingPictures 077 

My favorite part was the beading on the bodice; it was intricate and sparkled in the light.

ProfWeddingPictures 084

There was matching beading on the edge of the dress, which I also adored. 

ProfWeddingPictures 080

I took a deep breath as it was sinking in this was finally happening…

ProfWeddingPictures 067 

and then I took my dress with me into the bedroom of the suite and asked my sister and mom to come in to help me.  My photographer and videographer instructed me to not button the dress up, but just to step into in so I was at least covered in the front.  Smart idea for dressing around strangers in case you are modest!  Once the dress was on, Sista helped me get into my shoes and then I came back out so the official pictures could be captured.  Everyone took turns helping to button me up:

ProfWeddingPictures 103 ProfWeddingPictures 110 ProfWeddingPictures 105

And then I put on my Something New sapphire studs, and Bridesmaid J helped me put on my necklace:

ProfWeddingPictures 111   ProfWeddingPictures 114

A few more adjustments were made and I was ready to go.  My Something Borrowed veil was in place, make-up was good, hair was perfect and the dress was finally on.  I remember saying “I’m locked and loaded” as I was touching my stomach, which I never felt so flat before because of my lovely dress boning and bustier :)

ProfWeddingPictures 115

Next up…a few bridal portraits before the ceremony.


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