Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fourth Month – Losing It!

It’s the 27th of the month, which means it’s time to do my monthly recap for weight loss.  I didn’t have a huge loss this month which is disappointing, but at the same time I’m not surprised.  We had a lot of BBQ’s and dinner night outs in the past couple weeks and I definitely haven’t been exercising on a regular basis like I should.  From last month, I am down 3 pounds.  Ehhh…not great, but at least I didn’t gain anything.  Overall, I am down 23.6 pounds since March 27th.

A major positive, though – my favorite pair of black dress pants FINALLY fit.  I haven’t been able to wear these things in like 2 years.  It was such a good feeling to put them on last night to see how they were fitting and have absolutely no problem buttoning them up.  Very exciting to wear them to work today!  So at least my clothes are continuing to fit better if I’m not seeing major results on the scale right now.

Last weekend we went to a friend’s house for an annual summer party and everyone kept complimenting me, so it’s obvious the weight loss is showing now.  It’s definitely a motivator to keep going.  I told someone I still wanted to lose another 15-20 pounds and they were shocked.  I technically should probably lose closer to 30 based on the BMI for my height, but I’m being realistic and know I would miss my beer and carbs too much for that to happen :)

Things to focus on for next month:

  • Get my butt back in gear and on the treadmill
  • Actually use the exercise bands I bought at Target a couple weeks ago (yeah, they’re still in the package)
  • Try out some new recipes from my recently purchased cookbook:

image courtesy of

  • I’ve been eating enough fruits, but I really need to focus on getting enough veggies every day
  • I haven’t been drinking coffee in the AM, but I keep forgetting to drink water with my oatmeal at work so I need to remember to do that
  • Our office is moving to a new building and we’ll be on the 3rd floor, so I should start taking the stairs each day.

Let’s hope these little things can jumpstart my weight loss again –  the last thing I want right now is to hit a plateau!


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