Monday, March 21, 2011

My Babies

Since Hubby is away this week on business, I am spending a lot of time with my kitties :)  After all, who else am I supposed to share this king bed with?!  Here is a tribute to each of my babes.


I had been looking on Craigslist for kittens as soon as we moved into our apartment, since the complex allowed cats.  I found a listing for an adoption service that fosters their cats in homes and brings them to a local pet store each weekend for people to check out.  The weekend after Christmas 2008, we went to the store just to look…

I instantly fell in love with “Pansie”.  She was so little and had the cutest face.  She was gray and white and the markings on her were perfect, including her gray chin.

Kittens! 054

One of the volunteers took her out of the cage she was sharing with her two sisters so I could hold her, and she  was instantly glued to my chest.  She was definitely coming home with me.

Kittens! 001

Once home, I re-named her Ellie, as “Pansie” just wasn’t quite right :)  Ellie is a sweetie pie and wears a pink collar as she is most definitely the princess of the house (Hubby likes to say besides me).  She will only cuddle with you on her own terms, but once she’s in the mood for attention, she will not leave you alone.  She particularly loves laying right on Dad’s feet.  She’s a purr machine and you can always hear her across the room.  She also loves to talk and has a high pitched meow that always makes me smile. 

Mexico 388

Ellie Bean is a scavenger and will beg beg beg for human food.  She loves waiting for Dad to make lunch at night because she’s guaranteed some lunch meat scraps.  It’s rare when she’s not in the same room as you, but if you want to find her, all you need to do is shake the treat bag a little and she will come running.  Unfortunately Ellie also loves eating plastic…any kind of plastic…so we’ve had to baby-proof the house. 

Randoms 025

Her favorite toys are sweatshirt strings, cheapo Walmart mousies, and the decorative balls that sit in the bowl that makes up my dining table centerpiece.  She gets away with murder because she knows she’s damn cute. She is still my “Little One” even though she’s such a chub now. 

Randoms 004 


There were two kittens left at the pet store – a "cow” kitty (black and white markings) and a tortoiseshell kitty (black and orange).  I felt horrible about leaving the third kitty behind as we only had room for 2, but the volunteers assured me there would be plenty of families that would only want one kitten and she’d be adopted soon.  I let Hubby decide which remaining kitty he wanted since my heart was set on the gray one, so he chose “Maddie”.  I wasn’t totally fond of the name “Maddie” as it reminded me too much of the bratty twin on Jon & Kate Plus 8, so I switched it slightly to Maggie. 


Maggie is a tortoiseshell colored kitty and apparently these cats are known for being trouble-makers.  I will come right out and say it -Maggie is such a shit.  She will get into EVERYTHING and has very selective hearing.  She loves opening up closet doors (the kind that hinge in the middle), even though she already knows what’s inside.  I call her my “little pup” because she she acts like a dog – seriously.  She follows you around the house and loves playing with the bouncy balls and catching them, though, she’s not very good at bringing them back.  She enjoys waking you up exactly two minutes before your alarm is scheduled to go off and will not stop licking your face…I really think she grew up with dogs in her foster home.

Kittens! 010This picture cracks me up because she was SO little then

Maggie is such a talker – I swear, we have legit conversations when I get home from work, like she’s so excited to tell me about her day.  She also tends to “moan” a lot when she’s snuggling or sleeping, since she needs to remind us she’s here and has SUCH a tough life.  I think Maggie’s a tomboy, but she’s very very very attached to Mom which makes Dad sad sometimes.

Mexico 381

I also have given her the nickname “Sweet and Sour Patch Kid” because she is totally like one of those commercials.  You know, when the Sour Patch Kid does something naughty and then makes up for it 2 seconds later?  Yeah, that’s so Maggie.  She will make a mess, swipe stuff from the table onto the floor, get into my arts and crafts supplies, etc, etc but then just a minute later she will be cuddling with you, nudging your face, and purring like she did nothing wrong.  She is completely ridiculous but always makes me laugh – I think she knows she’s funny.

bracelets 010 


Mexico 407

Randoms 060

Randoms 057  

I realize everything I just wrote makes me a crazy cat lady but I am fine with it :)  I love my cats so much and seriously don’t know what I would do without them.  They are attention whores and quite the characters, but I wouldn’t want it any other way as they make me feel very loved. 

No, these are not in my house :)

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