Friday, March 25, 2011

Cake Decorating Class – 3rd Week

The third week of the cake decorating class was all about decorating techniques.  I think we used every tip included in our beginner’s kit, and there was a lot of frosting involved.  The thing I hate about Wilton’s frosting recipe is that it’s mostly shortening-based and therefore VERY greasy when you are trying to clean everything after.  I have to use tons and tons of grease-fighting detergent and I feel like it still doesn’t get rid of the residue.  I’ll probably stick to doing more cream-cheese frostings in the future.

Anyways, we finished the class by learning how to fill a cupcake.  I made a blueberry filling, but unfortunately it wasn’t pureed enough, so some of the blueberry chunks got stuck in the tip when I was trying to fill the cupcakes.  I managed to fill a few before getting too frustrated with trying to pick out the chunks with a toothpick.  Next time I know to definitely blend, blend, blend the filling! 

Here are the cupcakes in all their glory:

random 018

I think they turned out pretty well considering it’s a bitch to make those pink flowers on the cupcakes in the top center and left bottom.  Those take lots of practice.  I LOVE making leaves, and the blue swirls on the bottom center are pretty easy to execute, as well.  The shaggy mum flower on the top right is not looking as full as it should but I would like to try those again.  We also learned how to do the huge swirls that cover the whole base which you can kind of see on the top left cupcake.

And here is what a few of the cupcakes looked like after you took a bite:

random 027 MMMM blueberry!

I know cupcakes are a huge trend right now, but they are so damn cute and don’t take much time to decorate, which is a major plus as I don’t enjoy the process of frosting entire cakes :)  I’m excited to try some of these techniques out in the future!

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  1. those look awesome!!!! i think i will have to have a class at my house so you can show me how to do that stuff seeing as i missed the class


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