Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jam, Jam, Jam!

For our wedding last May (omg can’t believe it’s been almost a year!), we made homemade blueberry jam for our favors, as I decided I wanted the favors to be Maine-themed and also something edible, since that usually goes over well with guests.  I designed the tags that went with each jam jar, so they would match my invitations and programs.  The jam turned out great, as I was getting compliments on it for months after the wedding! 

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My cousin just got married last week, and for part of their wedding gift, I made them a batch of blueberry jam and stuck them inside a cute basket I found at Home Goods.  Her hubby had requested I make some more jam for last Christmas as he loved it from our wedding, but unfortunately things are always busy around the holidays so I never got around to making any then.   I’m glad I was able to make some last week, but let’s just say I missed my hubby and bridesmaids helping me as making jam is very hard to do when you’re alone!  It came out fine, but the process was just a bit more complicated.   I will do another post on the jam making process, since I did take some pictures while I was making them.  Meanwhile, here’s the basket of completed jam jars:



To dress them up a little, I cut small circles of scrapbook paper, unscrewed the ring, popped the circle on top of the lid, then screwed the ring back on.  After fighting with Maggie to make her leave my ribbon alone, I managed to cut enough white ribbon to tie around each ring and then finish with a bow. 


Creepin in the background, waiting to make her move on my poor little jams 

Once I was done crafting, I left the basket of jams on the kitchen counter and then went back into the living room to watch some TV before going to bed.  I heard the cats in the kitchen, but figured they were just playing with their food, which is a regular occurrence in this house.  Little did I know that they were taking all the ribbons off my jam jars!  I came back into the kitchen to find 5 of the 6 ribbon circles on the floor and no kitties to be found.  Crafts and curious kitties just do not mix.

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