Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cake Decorating Class – Practice

Since I wasn’t too happy with my first cake, I decided to make another one after the cupcake class.  I made a basic vanilla cake, used some leftover frosting from the class and got to work :)   This cake was sent to Hubby’s work for his co-workers to enjoy after we each had a slice :) 



I’m getting better with frosting the entire cake…still not perfect, though – the sides in the above picture could have used more smoothing.  On this cake, I practiced doing the rose swirls, drop flowers, leaves and then of course a star border around the bottom.  Drop flowers are SO hard to do…still need to work on those.  I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out, though I would do some more flowers in the middle if I did a design like this again, instead of just one large flower.

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