Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hospital Bags – What We Used

I will hopefully put together a birth story in the next week or so, but I did want to post what we actually used from our hospital bags for future reference.

I wore the hospital gown the whole time since it was easy access when the nurses needed to check my vitals and everything.  I switched from a sports bra to a nursing bra shortly after I delivered.  I used everything the hospital gave – pads and underwear – and asked for extras to take home.  What I’m most glad I brought are my own toiletries especially the face cleanser wipes, the lanolin cream, and the Boppy. 

Things that are crossed off we did not take out of our bags and/or use. 

Mommy’s bag:

  • travel-sized toiletries for me and hubby including face cleanser wipes, moisturizer, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, chapstick, shampoo, conditioner, body wash. 
  • make-up: powder foundation and mascara
  • hairbrush, hairspray, hair ties, bobby pins
  • 2 nursing tanks (only used 1 to wear home)
  • 2 nursing bras (wore 1 in hospital and then other 1 home)
  • 1 open cardigan to wear home
  • 2 pairs loose fitting yoga pants (only wore 1 pair home) 
  • 3 pairs undies
  • robe-hoodie (I wore this home instead of my cardigan – it’s more of a jacket length so it’s okay to wear in public)
  • nursing nightgown
  • flip flops
  • nursing pads and lanolin cream
  • maxi pads
  • birthing ball  (I tried using this at home when I was having contractions and it didn’t do much for me so we left it in the car and I never had Hubby run out to get it)
  • nightlight (we plugged this in but only turned off all the lights once or twice)
  • Boppy

    Baby C’s bag (diaper bag + my purse)

  • 2 outfits for bringing home (newborn size and 0-3 size), including a pair of socks and a hat (only had to use the newborn size outfit, socks)
  • 1 swaddle blanket to put over him in the carseat (too hot outside)
  • 2 pairs mittens (only used 1 pair to come home in as the hospital onesies had mittens attached to the sleeves)
  • baby book for footprints and other notes
  • some essentials that will be moved over from my purse…phone, wallet (license, insurance cards)
  • my medical records for my back surgery just in case they don’t have the anesthesiologist notes on file from our meeting a few months ago

  • Daddy’s bag (his backpack)

  • iPad/iPhone charger
  • iPad
  • camera and charger

  • video camera and charger (we barely even took pictures on our actual camera as we just used our iPhones)

  • pillow

  • swim trunks (he just stayed outside the shower and used the handheld head to spray my back)

  • change of clothes

  • PJ pants and slippers (forgot slippers so he used a pair of hospital socks)

  • change for vending machines (I think we only bought a couple things from the machines)

  • snacks (Goldfish, trail mix packs, granola bars, fruit snacks) & Vitamin Waters (we ended up taking a few packs of the trail mix and fruit snacks home)

  • So we did end up using a lot of the things we packed but I really only needed to pack like I was going away for one night.  I don’t think there’s anything we were missing and needed from home while we were there.  Only suggestion would be to pack an empty duffel bag to bring home any extras the hospital gives (aka you steal) and all the gifts you receive from visitors! 


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