Monday, June 25, 2012

First Day Home


Today was the first day that Daddy went back to work!  Mommy was a little nervous being by herself but you did awesome!  We’re not sure if you are just spoiling us early, but you are a pretty easy baby.

Today we started with a couple early AM feedings at 2:45 and 6:00 and luckily you let Mommy sleep for 2 hours in between.  After you were done around 6:45, Mommy rocked you back to sleep so she could have a quick bowl of cereal.   Daddy gave you a pacifier when he left for work because you were a little fussy but then you fell back asleep for good so we slept again until 9:00.  You have no problem sleeping in your crib now as long as we swaddle your arms good.   Mommy woke up first and watched you sleep on the video monitor until you started moving around.


After the morning feeding, we changed you into a cute blue and white striped onesie and then hung out in Mommy and Daddy’s room for a bit and watched some TV.  Mommy was debating about putting you down in your crib real quick to take a shower, but decided to try out the rocker chair instead.  You haven’t been a fan of the chair the previous two times we tried it but this time you did great!  Mommy was able to take a normal shower (didn’t have to rush!) while you hung out in the chair in the bathroom, and you didn’t start fussing until after she brushed her teeth.


You started getting hungry again around 11:30 so we nursed and then you fell asleep right afterwards in your crib.  Mommy should have napped, but she decided to clean out the rest of her hospital bag that she never unpacked and organize some things in her room.  You slept until 2:30 and then wanted to eat again so Mommy made herself a quick lunch to eat while you were nursing…Mommy is going to start pumping this week because these constant feedings are tiring for everyone!

Later in the afternoon, we took out your activity mat to do a little tummy time and you didn’t fuss for at least a few minutes.  You already have pretty good strength lifting your head!  Maggie watched us but kept a safe distance as she’s still unsure about you.  After tummy time, Mommy propped you up in the Boppy on the floor so she could test out the new lens for the camera that Grandpa bought.  Mommy could take a million pictures of you, you are just too cute :)


You started fussing and Mommy realized you had a HUGE dirty diaper.  You haven’t been going on a regular basis (though you have plenty of wet diapers), so this one may have been an explosion if you were wearing a newborn diaper.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad.  We switched you into 1’s yesterday because of the red marks around your thighs – we thought the newborns were getting too tight already!  Mommy’s curious to see what you weigh tomorrow at your appointment.

We went downstairs and hung out in the living room for a bit and then you started to fall asleep on Mommy’s chest so she watched TV for awhile.  You woke back up around 5:00 to eat again while Mommy watched a crazy dramatic Lifetime movie.  Daddy got home right before 6:00 and took you right away once you were done eating – he missed you :)  Overall we had a great day; you only fussed a couple times and Mommy was able to calm you down almost right away.  You love rocking in the nursery glider - it helps you fall asleep very fast. 

Hopefully later this week the weather is nicer out so we can go out for a few walks, but I think we kept ourselves busy today considering we were stuck inside!

Love, Mommy



  1. He is beautiful! I really miss those first few days... It sounds like a good day on your own.

  2. Love the letter form and I'm so glad you did well your first day home! I'm spoiled in that we live with my parents so I'm never home super long by myself. You did great though!

    I feel your pain with the constant nursing, if M is awake, she usually wants to eat every hour. Even at night sometimes we're up every hour. I try to enjoy the snuggle time instead of thinking of the huge to do list I have.

  3. He is so so so cute!! Congrats again! I can't even imagine being home alone with a baby right now. lol

  4. He is adorable!! Awww! Sounds like your days are going well with baby :)


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