Friday, June 8, 2012

3rd Trimester Must-Haves

As I get closer to being done with pregnancy, I thought I would put together my 3rd trimester must-haves list now (I doubt I’ll be adding anything in the next couple weeks).  This trimester was all about trying to stay as comfy as possible.  Here are my 1st trimester and 2nd trimester lists.


Maternity Scoop Rib-Knit Tanks from Old Navy…I’ve mentioned this before but I LOVE these tank tops.  Inexpensive, stretchy, and flattering to your bump (you definitely have to be okay with showing off your belly in these). Luckily my office wasn’t too dressy, so I would wear these with a shrug or cardi over them. They’re now what I lounge in around the house with yoga pants.

Dresses…I’ve been living in dresses since mid-spring.  Unfortunately most of my non-maternity dresses were too short in the front and looked weird with a bump so I had to buy maternity dresses. I think some of them will lay flat enough after, though, so hopefully I can continue to wear them this summer. This dress I featured is a new one I bought at Target last week that’s nursing-friendly and I bought it in a smaller size so it won’t be a tent after my bump is gone. I also have had good luck with non-maternity maxi dresses – I can buy them in my normal size and there’s enough room in the tummy so they stretch.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter…in my 2nd trimester must-haves, I listed Burt’s Bee’s massage oil as one of my favorites. I switched over to this belly butter and am glad I did for the third trimester. Unfortunately I still have some stretch marks but this lotion has really helped with the itching as it’s super moisturizing. I use this at night before bed and Vaseline’s cocoa butter lotion in the morning after I shower.

Patience…I included the “One Day at a Time” quote because the last few weeks you really just need to be patient.  Really, really patient.

Aloe Vera gel…this may be a weird addition but I used this when my feet were feeling swollen and heavy at the end of the day. This helped cool them down a little.

Tums…heartburn didn’t hit me until my third trimester luckily. I have had it off and on at night so I keep a bottle of these in my nightstand table.

Roll-Over Jersey Skirts from Old Navy…I have three of these from a couple summers ago.  When I lost weight last year, they were too big for me in the waist, but I’m glad I saved them, as they fit perfectly under my belly now and never feel too tight.  And they’re perfect to wear to doctor’s appointments so the nurse can just give you a sheet to put over your waist instead of putting on a gown.

Flip-flops…so lucky I was pregnant in the spring/early summer since I’ve been wearing flip-flops almost every day since April. I bought a pair of these Tommy Hilfigers in a brown plaid at the mall for $15…they have terry cloth on the undersides of the straps and they’re wide enough to accommodate my feet when they’re a little swollen.

Ice cream…do I really have to explain this one?

Pillows…I’m still loving my Snoogle, but I’ve also had to use more pillows to prop up my feet if they’re swollen, put them behind my back when I’m laying down, etc.


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