Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preggo Reviews

I had been getting a little bored with my power walks on the treadmill, so I started searching for a pregnancy work-out DVD.  After reading some reviews on Amazon, I decided to go with this one:


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I’ve done this video twice now and am pretty impressed with how much of a work-out it actually gives me.  My heart rate  definitely got going, but not so fast that I thought it was unsafe – it was on the level of doing a fast walk.  I can tell the exercises really stretch my muscles, as the next day I always feel a little sore in my legs, most likely from the squats.  My favorite part is that she makes you pause to do kegels every so often – I always forget to do them!  I also like how she includes options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced on most of the exercises.  I’ve been doing the beginner ones for now with the exception of doing a few intermediate for the arm sculpting movements.  The only negative is I wish there was more than one 40 minute workout to choose from, as I tend to get bored with videos like this really easily, but I’m still into it for now.  I wish I started this earlier on as I think it would have helped me to feel more toned as I started to gain weight.  I definitely recommend this as a video to try out at home, especially since the only equipment you need are a chair, a few pillows, and hand weights (if you want to do the intermediate exercises).

The other review I have is for a book I read a couple of months ago.  Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs is another popular pick on Amazon and since it was only $7, I figured I would give it a try. 

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While some parts are funny, my overall feelings of the book were just “ehhh…”.  She tends to end every single chapter with a sentence ending in an exclamation point which really started to drive me nuts.  And most of what she had to say were things I’ve already heard or read in other books, so nothing really surprised me.  I also didn’t like how most of the chapters were only 1-2 pages long – way too short, in my opinion.  I’m glad I didn’t spend more than $10 on this one – while it’s not a horrible read (there are some funny parts), it’s one I would recommend just borrowing from your library instead of actually purchasing.


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